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Kashi is steeped in traditions that for 35 years have been celebrated with the deepest devotion and prayer. Her Temples and Shrines represent all ways of worship. Her arms are open wide, welcoming people from all walks of life to share and find refuge in love and devotion.

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Community of Kashi

The Community of Kashi

When the Kashi community was established in 1976, there were just seven acres and two houses. Over the years the property has grown to include 80 acres and 5 main houses. Residents have lived communally in the houses, raising their kids and learning to live together.

Members of Kashi have also moved ‘across the street’, expanding the community further.


Kashi’s Planned Development

Over the last 5 years Kashi has been in the throes of implementing a planned development for the entire 80 acre property. Currently underway are the sale of residential lots and the operation of By the River, a 41 bed affordable housing residence for seniors. There are also areas on the property set aside for a conference and wellness center, expansion of the Ganga and temple area, as well as a second phase of residential development and a school. This is the changing face of Kashi!

The Village of Kashi

As part of the overall development plan for Kashi’s land, Kashi has allocated land for residential lots for sale to people interested in building their home in the Village of Kashi. To date fourteen of the lots have been sold, with two more that are currently under contract. If you are interested to know more, please contact Baba Ram at 772.473.8168.


Kashi Next Generation

Over the 35 years of Kashi’s history, many kids have grown up at Kashi, attended the River School and been touched by the community. Now many of those kids are having their own kids and when everyone comes home for the holidays it’s quite lively!


Extended Kashi

Over the years the network of Ma’s students has extended around the country – and the world! Kashi has ashrams in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles. These ashrams have active service programs, teach yoga and connect in to the monthly global live audio satsangs. See the Contact Us page for details about contacting any of the ashrams.