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Kashi is steeped in traditions that for 35 years have been celebrated with the deepest devotion and prayer. Her Temples and Shrines represent all ways of worship. Her arms are open wide, welcoming people from all walks of life to share and find refuge in love and devotion.

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Mini FAQ’s

What is Kashi?

Kashi Ashram is a residential spiritual community founded by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati in Sebastian, Florida. Kashi is named after the ancient city of Kashi or Benares in India where, for thousands of years, people have come to seek liberation at the time of death. Located on 80 acres, Kashi has shrines and temples dedicated to many of the world’s great spiritual traditions surrounding the sacred “Ganga” pond at the center of the property.

Who is Ma Jaya?

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati is an American-born spiritual teacher. Ma Jaya is widely known for her compassionate work, serving those who are suffering, people living with AIDS, the homeless, the poor, and anyone in need. Ma Jaya is most passionate about the importance of service in spiritual life. Ma Jaya passed away on April 13, 2012. Her teachings are continued through her lineage of sannyasin.

What are the basic teachings of Kashi?

The teachings are based on kindness, compassion and service embracing the sacred practices of many traditions. With roots in Hindu philosophy, the teaching exemplifies the ideal that all paths followed with a pure heart lead to one’s own God within.

What is an Ashram?

An ashram is the residence and teaching center of a teacher or guru that often includes lodging for students. Kashi is a residential spiritual community and is considered an “intentional community,” of which there are thousands around the globe. This means that people choosing to live together do so around a common purpose. There are five residences on the Kashi grounds; there are also numerous participants who live in the surrounding area.

Is Kashi a religion?

Kashi is an interfaith community that embraces all paths and traditions, a place where the goodness of all faiths or one’s own expression of God is honored. Anyone from any religion, or no religion, is welcome to participate and find the depth in his or her individual spiritual path. If anything, the ‘religion’ of Kashi is one of kindness.

What are some of the spiritual practices of Kashi?

Residents who live at Kashi practice celibacy, vegetarianism, ahimsa (non violence), meditation and yoga. These are in keeping with the Yogic teachings of the Yamas and Niyamas. However, students who participate in activities at Kashi are not required to adhere to these spiritual practices.

Is Kashi open to the public?

Kashi offers many programs, including classes in yoga, meditation and chanting. There is a regular Saturday evening satsang schedule and weekend retreats happen 2-3 times/year. Kashi residents and visiting teachers also offer workshops on a variety of topics. Please call our office or visit the calendar on our website. Visitors can join a weekly tour of the ashram’s sacred grounds and temples on Saturdays, 3 pm ( call 772.589.1403 x 0 to book).