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Ma Jaya teaches from profound inner realization. Ma Jaya's style is very direct and carried by a great love for her students that helps them to untie the knots of the heart and overcome the obstacles of the mind.

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Global Live Audio Satsang

We invite you to join us on Saturday nights at Kashi for satsang. Saturday satsangs are led by one of the Swamis or teachers who live at Kashi, sharing kirtan, meditation and some of Ma Jaya’s teachings. Once a month however, these satsangs are broadcast live to locations around the country, and often the world. Depending on the schedule, this is usually the second Saturday of every month at 6.30 pm EST (unless otherwise noted). See the Kashi calendar for specific dates. On Saturdays when it is Global Live Audio, a short recording of Ma teaching will be included in the evening’s program.

For global live satsang at our ashram centers in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles, satsang gather to sit together. Click here for the ashram contact information.

If you don’t live near one of the ashrams, you can connect to these satsangs as an individual by dialing 712.432.1600 and password 318427#.

There is a suggested donation to attend global live satsangs at our ashrams, and any donations from individuals joining us are gratefully accepted.

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A wonderful testimonial from Shivani in Colorado, 11/12/12:

“We just finished Global Live and It was beautiful for us in Boulder.  Everyone at Kashi offered ALL with such sincerity.  It touches me now.  The announcements were fun.  The kirtan held my heart.  The mudra’s offered were so powerful.  Swami Mata Giri was so real and deep.  By the River took me into the Mother.  The Arti felt eternal and forever.  Thank you all so much.  It makes such a difference out here.  As I taught Kali Natha yoga this morning my heart felt so much Strength, Service and Humility…and at the end… tears fell down my cheeks in gratitude of our Ma.  Pranam Ma, Pranam. Namaste with sincere gratitude to you all at Kashi.”