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There are many opportunities to connect with Kashi, whether you are in Florida or elsewhere. Connect through our on-line store, daily classes, workshops or live broadcasts of darshan with Ma. There's no need to be a stranger at Kashi!

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Keeping Ma Jaya’s Legacy Alive!

Wherever she went in her life, Ma Jaya would touch and help whomever was blessed to encounter her – whether it was for just a passing moment, or over the course of years.  This legacy of kindness and compassion for each individual person, is continued through us – those whom she touched and affected so deeply, as well as through the different projects that she inspired others to set up and run.

Now that Ma is no longer with us in her physical form, it is up to each one of us to maintain and grow her amazing legacy. We invite you to participate in Ma’s Legacy to whatever extent you can and in whatever form your are able. And, as Ma so often quoted Baba as saying, “Feed Everyone!”

Different Ways to Give:

  • One time donation
  • Planned giving, e.g. monthly, quarterly or annual donations. Download pledge form.
  • Bequests and Wills: suggested language
    • “I give ( _____ dollars or _____ percent of the residue of my estate) to Kashi Church Foundation, a Florida 501(c)3, non-profit corporation (for its general purposes).”
  • Life Insurance
  • In-kind donations of products or professional services


Donate Now


Ongoing Kashi Projects to donate to:

  • The Prasad program: providing healthy food to food insecure individuals and families.
  • Grow Kashi is Kashi’s capital fundraising campaign. The brain child of Ma’s grandson, Tony Cho and his wife Ximena, they have already donated $108,000. Grow Kashi is improving existing facilities and making comprehensive planning for future improvements to the Kashi property.
  • Kashi’s Puja Sponsorship Program: Kashi hosts 20 pujas, or sacred rituals, throughout the year. The sponsorship program provides an opportunity to be personally involved in supporting the puja – whether you are able to attend in person or not.
  • The 11 Karmic Spaces Sponsorship Project: providing copies of Ma Jaya’s book for study by recovery groups and people in prisons and jails.
  • Kashi Church Foundation is registered as a charitable organization in Amazon Smile. This is where 0.5% of your purchase is donated. This is win win for you and us!