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Ma Jaya teaches from profound inner realization. Ma Jaya's style is very direct and carried by a great love for her students that helps them to untie the knots of the heart and overcome the obstacles of the mind.

» The Teachings


Ma Jaya is a prolific artist whose paintings have been exhibited in more than thirty galleries and one-woman shows around the world, including art venues in New York City, Milan, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Santa Fe. To observe these profound works of art is to open to the very core of one’s being and be led to the deep connection of the soul and the mysteries of life.

Ma Jaya’s art is an act of devotion through which her passion for God gives form to the formless, engaging our spiritual aspirations in the moment.
Ma Jaya’s work encompasses numerous series, including depictions of various forms of the Divine Mother. From the primitive to the abstract, her paintings touch a deep spiritual core that resounds in many of the world’s spiritual traditions. Ma is an untrained artist, guided only by her love of God and her desire to teach.

In addition to her many eclectic art styles, Ma Jaya also uses her art as a tool to teach people personally in order to foster spiritual growth. Kashi Sacred Art offers individually commissioned paintings through which Ma’s teachings may be transmitted. These paintings are often used as a Yantra, a tool for meditation.

“My paintings are a meditation for me, but they also are my chance to serve others. Perhaps they can help those in need. I am painting not only for the two eyes, but also for the inner eye. The paintings beckon me, like a window through the layers of color upon color, into the depth…I am what I paint and I get lost in myself; then my brush finds no stroke to run from.”

To see more of Ma Jaya’s art, visit her Kashi Sacred Art website. Paintings can be purchased through Swami Anjani.

You can listen to a podcast of Ma Jaya talking about her art in a live February 2010 question and answer session, when a chela (student) asks about her paintings of gods and goddesses associated with the Vedic and Hindu traditions and the lineage of Kali Natha Yoga and Ma’s Guru, Neem Karoli Baba. At the time of this recording, Ma was painting a series of Sri Bhagavati, Sri Bhagavat, and Rudra paintings. These are among the many names associated with Shakti and Shiva, the divine manifestations of female and male energy.

You can purchase a DVD of Ma’s art featuring 15 different series, from the lyrical “Butterfly” series to the poignant and intricate “The River” series. The entire collection is accompanied by spiritual chants performed by Kashi Ashram’s own Kirtan Wallas. This DVD was worked on lovingly over many years by the late Jackie Uma Guthrie.