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Ma Jaya teaches from profound inner realization. Ma Jaya's style is very direct and carried by a great love for her students that helps them to untie the knots of the heart and overcome the obstacles of the mind.

» The Teachings


Ma Jaya is the holder of an oral tradition, which has usually been passed down from a teacher or guru to a small group of students, sometimes without words.  Yet Ma has always tried to make her teaching accessible to all, and so she writes. Over the years, she has composed several collections of poems and meditations, as well as an unpublished memoir. She has a unique voice, or many voices, which can move effortlessly from Brooklyn street slang to profound mysticism.

Ma’s writing was transformed in 1997, when she started using email to answer questions from her students.  Since she prefers to teach “in the now,” the electronic format opened the floodgates to a stream of stories, teachings, poems, and spiritual instructions. She now writes almost daily, and her blog offers a small sample, as do her podcasts and Twitter feed.

Ma has always said that “someday” she would explain karma, which she has called the most interesting topic in the world.  Well that day has finally arrived, and The 11 Karmic Spaces: Choosing freedom from the patterns that bind you is now available! We hope that you enjoy it! Click here to read the introduction to the book.