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Ma Jaya teaches from profound inner realization. Ma Jaya's style is very direct and carried by a great love for her students that helps them to untie the knots of the heart and overcome the obstacles of the mind.

» The Teachings

Ma Jaya’s CV


11155 Roseland Rd. Sebastian, FL 32958


fax: 772.589.6686

Born: Brooklyn, New York USA     May 26, 1940
Died: Sebastian, Florida        April 13, 2012


2009:        By the River affordable senior housing community
2002:        Kashi School of Yoga
2001:        Developed and formalized Kali Natha Yoga
2001:        Kashi Interfaith Youth Action Program
2001:        Kashi Rainbow – GLBT Awareness Organization
1999:        Feed Everyone Program
1999:        Global Awareness Campaign
1998:        Statement of Conscience in behalf of AIDS pandemic
1997:        The Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies
1998:         World Tibet Day
1996:        Dattatreya Kali Saraswati Order of Monks and Sanyasin
1994:        The River House – Respite for those with AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses
1990:        Mary’s House – Founder – Pediatric AIDS home
1990:        The River Fund – Kashi’s service organization
1981:        Kashi Sacred Art
1979:        The River School
1976:         Kashi Church Foundation

2010 Oct    Recipient, Interfaith Visionary Award from the Temple of Understanding, New York
2007 Oct.    Recipient of Humanitarian Service Award from the Gandhi Foundatio USA, Martin Luther King Center and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
2006 Jan.    Recipient of the title of Mata Maha Mandleshwar from the Ma Yoga Shakti Mission
2004 Aug    Recipient of the Interparliamentary Paradigm of Peace Award, ratified by 26 parliaments and governments around the world
2004 April    Her portrait unveiled in the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College – portraits of world peacemakers – by former S.
African President F.W. DeKlerk and Walter Eugene Massey, President of Morehouse College
2003 May    Recipient of accolades from President Bush, Governor Bush, state Senators and other political leaders
2002 May     Recipient of the United Foundation for AIDS Award
2002 May     Recipient of the Universal Way Award
2002 April    Inducted into Martin Luther King Jr. Board of Preachers, Morehouse College, Atlanta
2001 May    Recipient of a Jefferson Award Certificate of Excellence
1998 April:    Recipient of the Extraordinary Voices Award from Mothers’ Voices, national AIDS organization
1995:        Service Appreciation Award, Palm Beach County Commission
1994 Oct.:    Recipient of the LA Art Core Award
1994 July:    Recipient of Woman of Peace Award from Sikh Dharma of North America
1992:    Nominated for White House Office of National Service, Points of Light AIDS Service Award
1991:        Mayor of Miami City Arts Award

Major Affiliations:
2006  to present    Trustee Emeritus of the Parliament of the World’s Religions
2002 to present    Advisory Board: Equal Partners in Faith
2002 to present    Advisory Board: Institute on Religion and Public Policy
2000 to present    Advisory Board of the Gardner’s Syndrome Assoc.
1996 to present    Delegate for United Religions Initiative
1995 to 2006         Trustee of the Parliament of the World’s Religions
1995 to present    Member of the Parliament’s International Initiative Committee
1994 to present    Board of Directors: Project Response, Comprehensive AIDS care program in Florida
1993 to present    Member of Assembly of Spiritual and Religious Leaders at the Parliament of the World’s Religions
1976 to present    Spiritual Director of Kashi Church Foundation


Major Lectures & Presentations:
1973-April 2012:   for the past thirty-five years, Ma has taught almost daily and has
frequently offered weekend intensive retreats at Kashi and throughout the country

Jan.         Kashi School of Yoga, Graduate Workshop
Feb.- July    Kashi School of Yoga, Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training  weekend program
March    Women’s Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Unleash Your Shakti
April        Workshop, Kashi Atlanta: Expansion, Awareness, and Ecstasy


Feb.         Kashi School of Yoga, Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training 2A
March    Women’s Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Becoming the Ancient Feminine Warrior
April        Workshop, Kashi Atlanta: Manifesting Consciousness
June        Workshop, Kashi Los Angeles: Manifesting Spiritual Wisdom
July        Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Teachings of     the Skull
Oct.        Workshop, Kashi Atlanta: Transform Your Life to Transform the World
Nov.         Kashi School of Yoga, Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training 2B
Dec.         Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Manifesting     Freedom Through Discipline

Feb.         Kashi School of Yoga, Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training 1A
March      Workshop, Kashi Atlanta: Taming The Chaos of the Mind; Awakening the Stillness Within
April       Workshop, Kashi New York: Transcending Shame and Unworthiness
June         Workshop, Kashi Los Angeles: Mastering Time, Consuming Stress
July          Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Igniting Your Intuition Learn the Secrets to Deepen Your Innate Awareness
Sept.         Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Breaking the Karmic Cycle
Nov.        Kashi School of Yoga, Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training 1B
Dec.    Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Transcending Addictions; Living the Spiritual High

Feb.      Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: A Journey into the Silence: An In-Depth Meditation Intensive
March       Workshop, Kashi Los Angeles: Exploring the Karmic Spaces of Life: Transcending Illusion
April               Workshop, Kashi Atlanta: Exploring the Eleven Karmic Spaces:  The Path of Transformation and Awareness
May             Workshop, Kashi New York: Urban Spirituality: Finding the Depth of Silence in the Chaos of Life
July            Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: The Path of Advaita: Experience the Formless and the Journey beyond Duality
Oct.                     Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Conscious Awakening: Becoming your True Authentic Self
Nov.         Kashi School of Yoga, Kali Natha Yoga Teacher Training pilot
Dec.             GLBT Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: The Soul has No Gender

Feb.         Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Exploring the Four Corners of Spiritual Death
April       Workshop, Kashi Atlanta: The Yoga of Liberation – Freeing  Yourself from Yourself

Nov.        Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Becoming the Karmic Warrior, Women’s Intensive
Oct.            Naropa Institute, The Role of Kali and Tara in the Liberation and Death
Sept.        Workshop, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Kali Yoga for The Kali Yuga
June             Workshop, Become the Architect of your Own Destiny, New York City
April            Workshop, The Yoga of Spiritual Death, Atlanta GA
Feb.         Workshop Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Kali Yoga Intensive: Exploring the Path to Spiritual Ego Death and                     Liberation

July         Workshop: Teaching the Teachers, Advanced Intensive Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies Sebastian, FL
April          Workshop: Consuming the Path of Resistance New York City, NY
Lecture, “The Hindu Diaspora,” South Florida Hindu Temple, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Mar.          Workshop: Exploring the Paradoxes and Contradictions of the Spiritual Path Atlanta, GA
Jan.        Workshop: Karma, Creation and Destiny Los Angeles, CA

Dec.        Workshop: Exploring Karma and Living in the Stream of Consciousness, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
Nov.        Workshop, Becoming the Spiritual Warrior- Women’s Intensive Retreat:  Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Sebastian
Oct.                Workshop: Illuminating the Goddess, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
July        Workshop: Advanced Intensive Retreat, The Art of Non-Reaction, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
June        Lecture, Creation & Destiny  Santa Fe, NM
Keynote, Peace Prayer Day, Espanola, NM
May        Workshop: Dancing with the Black Goddess, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Apr.        Workshop: The Path of Detachment & Awareness, Atlanta, GA
Mar.        Workshop: The Flames of Smashen Kali- Men’s Intensive Retreat, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies Sebastian, FL
Feb.        Workshop: The Seven Streams of Shiva, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
Jan.         Lecture, Unity on the Bay Chaplains ministry, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies Sebastian, FL
Nov.        Workshop: The Sacred Art of Worship, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies: Sebastian, FL
Nov.        Opening Invocation, Omega Institute Conference: The Adventure of Being Alive, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Oct.        Workshop: The Tantric Mother Within; Men’s Intensive Retreat: Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies Sebastian, FL
Aug.         Delegate, Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, New York City, NY
Aug.        Keynote address, Interfaith Youth Assembly, St. Bartholomew Church, New York City, NY
July        Workshop, Advanced Intensive: The Cremation Grounds, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies
Sebastian, FL
June        Lecture, Kundalini & Shakti, Santa Fe, NM
May        Workshop: Kali Tantra: An Experience of the Tantric Goddess, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Apr.        Workshop, The Wheel of Time, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Los Angeles, CA
Mar.        Workshop: The Art of Detachment, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
Jan.        Keynote Speaker, Students for a Free Tibet: Direct Action Camp, Kashi Ashram, Sebastian, FL

Dec.        Workshop: Millennium Intensive: The Seduction of Mother Kali Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
Dec.        Parliament of the World’s Religions Conference: Cape Town, South Africa
Keynote Speaker, Inaugural Ceremony: AIDS Memorial Quilt Display
Lecture, Women and Spirituality: The Role of Women as Spiritual Leaders and Practitioners in the 21st Century
Lecture, The Rise of Mother Kali in the 21st Century: A Practical and Esoteric Experience of the Hindu Goddess
Lecture, Voices into the Millennium: The Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt
Panel Member, Testimonies to Mutual Irradiation
Oct.        Workshop: Durga Puja Intensive, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
Sept:        Lecture, Kali Temple, Laguna Beach, CA
Sept.        Workshop: The Heart of the Mother, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
Sept.        Keynote speaker, Spirituality and AIDS Conference, Florida International University, Boca Raton, FL
July        Workshop: Tara Tantra, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Sebastian, FL
June        Lecture, The Heart of Mother Kali, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Santa Fe, NM
June        Lecture, The Flame of Awareness, The Cenacle, Chicago, IL
May        Lecture, The Breath of Kali Tantra: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Apr.        Workshop: Chaos & The Mother, Kashi Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies
Atlanta, GA
1999:            Keynote speaker, DePaul University, Chicago, IL
1998:            Keynote speaker, AIDS & Religion in America Convocation, Carter Center, Atlanta, GA
Religious Delegate; United Religions Initiative Conference: Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Keynote speaker, Columbia University, Chicago,IL
1998              Keynote speaker, Eastern Conference of Religious Science, Jekyll Island, GA
1997-99:        Lecture, Vedic Heritage Hindu Temple, Long Island, NY
1997:            Religious Delegate, United Religions Initiative Conference: Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, Los Angeles, CA
1996-97:        Lecture, Center for Living, West Palm Beach, FL
Lecture, Source of Life Center, New York, NY
1996 Oct.        Keynote speaker, National Interfaith Service, Washington National Cathedral, Washington D.C.

DePaul University, Chicago, IL
1996:            Lecture, Open Center, New York, NY
Keynote speaker, Interfaith Conference, Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, FL
Keynote speaker, New Life Expo, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lecture, Communal Studies Association, Fort Myers, FL
Lecture, Center for Living, Los Angeles, CA
1995-96         Keynote speaker, National AIDS Conference
Miami, FL
Lecture, AIDS Manasota Conference, Sarasota, FL
Lecture, Center for Living, San Francisco, CA
1995   Keynote speaker, Sky Foundation Yoga Institute, Philadelphia, PA
Keynote speaker, AIDS & Spirituality, Duke University, Chapel Hill, NC
Lecture, Center for Living, New York, NY
1994-98:        Keynote speaker, AIDS Awareness Week, Brevard Community     College Melbourne, FL
1994-95:        Lecture, Spirituality & Arts, Villanova University, Villanova, PA
Lecture, Harvard University: School of Divinity, Cambridge, MA
1994:            Keynote speaker, Philadelphia Action AIDS Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Lecture, Communal Studies Association
New Harmony, IN
Keynote speaker, Hair Cares AIDS Benefit Miami, FL
1993 Aug.        Keynote speaker, Parliament of the World’s Religions Chicago, IL
1993 Sept.        Parliament of the World’s Religions Conference:  Chicago, IL
Lecture, Service is Your Spiritual Work
Lecture, Voices of Spirit and Tradition
Panel Member, Buddhist Christian Dialogue w/ HH Dalai Lama
1993:            Lecture, Pierre Cardin Studio/Theatre Complex
Paris, France
1974-75:        Weekly Lecture, Jesuit Seminary of Mt. Manresa
Staten Island, NY

Media Appearances & Major Interviews:

2012        “Max & Friends,” LA Talk Radio with Max Tucci
2011                Peace Talks radio show with Audri Scott Williams
2011                EnlightenNext broadcast with Andrew Cohen
2010        “The Art of Living Well” radio show with Charlotte McGinnis
2010                WGCU Public Television documentary, “Florida: Heaven on Earth”
2010                Nothing But Good News, radio show with Kandee Gee
2010    “How Interfaith Thinking Can Design a World of Peace,” Design Your Life radio,   Unity FM with Rev. Kevin Ross
2002 May     Interview, “The Rhett Palmer Show,” Channel l0 TV, Vero Beach
Mar.     Interview, the Stuart News, Stuart, FL
Jan    Adelphia Cable, “The God Squad” with Bill Rosendahl, Host
Los Angeles, CA
200l Feb.     Interview, “Living in Balance” TV show, The Wisdom Network
Nov.     Interview with Living in Balance Magazine
Boca Raton, FL
Sept.    Guest, “The Future of Healing”
Enlighten Up South Florida – Live Show, WLRN-TV
PBS affiliate from Miami to West Palm Beach
2000 Aug    Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious & Spiritual Leaders at the
United Nations
Held interviews with:
Hinduism Today
Whole Life Times
India Today
Reuters News Service
Shumei Magazine
The Garden (UK)
New York, NY
1995 – 1996    Bill Rosendahl Show: Public Affairs
Century Cable, Los Angeles
1994 – 2001    Annual radio guest, Transitions Radio KBAC
Santa Fe, NM
1994 – 1997    Cable TV Access: Series on AIDS & Spirituality
Century Cable, Los Angeles
1975        Radio guest, In the Spirit, WBAI
New York, NY


About Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati & Her Work:
Articles & Book Excerpts:

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“The School with a Heart.” – Highlights of the programs at the Ma Jaya River School,
Jaya Communications, 2001
“Who Is Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati?”  –  An introduction to Ma Jaya’s life and work,
Jaya Communications, 2000

Books, Articles and Publications Written by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati:
How God Found Me: Memoirs of a Holy Woman from Brooklyn   (forthcoming)
Her childhood and transformation from housewife to spiritual teacher — a journey which has indeed led her to teach “all ways.”
” The Joy of Celibacy”. Aquarian Times Magazine (Summer 2002)
“Ego,” New Life Magazine (June 2002)
“Ego,” Aquarius Magazine (March 2001)
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Feed Everyone, Jaya Communications, 2000

The River, Devotional poetry, Ganga Press, 1994.
Bones & Ash, Poetry drawn from Ma Jaya’s journals, Jaya Press, 1995.
The 11 Karmic Spaces, Kashi Publications, 2012

She Who Rides The Lion Rides My Beating Heart, Jaya Press, 1997.
Breathe and Dance with the Gods, Ganga Press, 1994.
Nine Meditations, Ganga Press, 1994.
On Death and Dying, Ganga Press, 1994.

The Art of Tantra, Jaya Communications, 2002.
Enlightenment, Jaya Communications, 2002.
The Art of Mysticism, Jaya Communications, 2001.
Facing the Millennium, Jaya Communications, 1999.
The Great Joy, Jaya Communications, 1998.
Death and Awareness, Jaya Communications, 1998.
The Tree of Kali Yoga, Jaya Communications, 1997.
A Guided Meditation, Jaya Communications, 1997.
Living with AIDS Now, Jaya Communications, 1997.
A Memorial, Jaya Communications, 1997.
The Heart of Service, Jaya Communications, 1996.
Living with Illness, Dying Without Fear, Jaya Communications, 1996.
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Sharing the Heart: A Guide for Caregivers, Jaya Communications, 1995.
Living with Death, Jaya Communications, 1995.
Introducing Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Ganga Press, 1994.

Dance in the Fire, Jaya Communications, 1996.
Swim in the Ganga, Jaya Communications, 1996.
Bow to the Silence, Jaya Communications, 1995.
Meditations and Talks, Ganga Press, 1995.

Art Exhibitions
2002:    California Institute of Integral Studies “The Ancient Mother,” San Francisco, CA
2001:    Ocean Drive Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida
Jaya Devi Yoga Center, Atlanta, Georgia
AIDS Manasota, Sarasota, FL
1998:    Center for Living, Good Samaritan Hospital, West Palm Beach, Florida
1996:    Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania [also 1991, 1990]
Barbara Braethen Gallery, New York, New York
1995:    Copeland-Rutherford Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Gallery Ildiko Risse/Landkreis Stamberg, Munich, Germany
Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Steiner Galleries, Bal Harbour, Florida [also 1992, 1990]
Abshires Benefit, West Palm Beach, Florida
1994:    Architects & Heroes Benefit, San Francisco, California
1993:    Angel Art Benefit/Project Angelfood, Los Angeles, California
Laurina Arte, Rome, Italy
Sarasota Visual Arts Center, Sarasota, Florida
Parliament of World’s Religions, Chicago, Illinois
Women’s Caucus for the Arts Benefit, Seattle, Washington
1992:    Forum Gallery, New York, New York
Newman Center, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
Espace Cardin Benefit for AIDS, Paris, France
1991:    Croce-Rock Gallery, San Diego, California
The Art Center of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Florida
Cure Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Hostelleries des 3 Forces, St. Barth, F.W.I. [also 1990]
Hair Cares Benefit, Miami, FL
1990:    Wrenn Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
Strauss Gallery, New York, New York
Embassy Gallery, Miami, Florida