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Ma Jaya teaches from profound inner realization. Ma Jaya's style is very direct and carried by a great love for her students that helps them to untie the knots of the heart and overcome the obstacles of the mind.

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Master of Yoga

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati is the guru and founder  of Kali Natha Tantric Yoga. This ancient, mystical yoga was handed down to Ma by her guru, Neem Karoli Baba. It is a Kundalini Shakti practice that ignites the student’s inner fire and passion for spirituality. The name Kali Natha Tantric Yoga denotes the union of human into God through sacred yoga movement as a worship of the Mother Kali in the Shiva Natha tradition. Kali Natha Yoga enables the practitioner to experience oneness and achieve a state of union and lasting happiness. It is for everyone –  all ages, levels and beliefs.

In 1974, Ma Jaya began teaching Kali Natha Yoga as movement with awareness in Her backyard in Brooklyn. Over the span of the next four decades, Ma revealed the foundations of the practice. Ma’s essential teaching is to know oneself in order to serve humanity, and to do so with an open heart. The Kali Natha Tantric Yoga asanas awaken self-acceptance and self-love in order to serve and love the world. With the power of pranayama and the moving grace of the mudras woven in, the mystical flow of the practice is palpable. This puja to the gods and goddesses opens the space to transformational meditation.

Whether dancing with the great god Ganapati, honoring the Earth Mother or bowing to the wind, this vinyasa yoga ignites the power of kundalini and profound transformation. You embody the essence of Hanuman’s open heart, the warrior strength of Mother Durga, and the sweetness of Lord Krishna. This yoga aligns you with the planets and stars, the sun and the moon.

Kali Natha Yoga  is Ma Jaya’s gift to the world and a way to embody a lineage that teaches to always live with the Mother within your heart.

“When the body disappears into the movements of Kali Natha Tantric Yoga all becomes spirit. The yogi feels the unfolding of the body’s beauty through Mother Shakti’s motion. The great experience is to allow kundalini to rise up so you can taste the nectar of God in the stillness. As all the chakras open to fulfill the Kali Natha Tantric Yogi, a great peace bursts forth from the space of the fourth chakra, the heart of hearts. Allow love to fill your life as the Ganga herself touches you with her magnificent flowing waters. ” – Ma Jaya