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River Fund Uganda Trip

July 31st, 2013

Update from Ma’s Jaya at The River Fund, 7/2013







Ma’s Jaya and Vicki Priya are returning to Uganda this August to visit River Fund projects there and to also conduct a workshop for our top Trainers. These are peer educators and graduates of our program for HIV/AIDS Long Term Survival Skills, which we started in 2005.  Our Trainers each lead a small group of women and men. They teach HIV/AIDS prevention, general health and nutrition, stress management, and other skills in rural communities. They also provide peer counseling.

Some groups work on income-generating projects for their communities. Two of the groups work specifically to educate sex workers and provide condoms at two international border points. It has been several years since we have conducted a workshop, and we and the women we serve in Uganda are very excited.

We will be visiting nursery and elementary schools that we support as well as meeting many of the 600 children we send to school. We will also meet with all of the small groups throughout rural Eastern Uganda that we support with micro-projects such as goat raising, poultry and egg raising, organic farming, and small crafts. Jaya will travel on to Northern Uganda to visit the River Fund Women’s Association and their projects, which include pig keeping and more.

Also, in the fall of 2013, Jaya Priya Reinhalter will visit River Fund supported Little HEARTS Orphanage in Nellore India as a River Fund representative. The kids will love her!

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