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Kashi School of Yoga, home of Ma Jaya's unique Kali Natha Tantric Yoga, provides students an opportunity to integrate both the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga into their daily lives – through daily classes and in depth yoga teacher trainings.

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Kali Natha Yoga

Kali Natha Yoga, often called Kali Natha Kundalini Tantric Yoga by its founder Ma Jaya, is a yoga of transformation that embraces Eastern and Western philosophies.

A moving prayer with awareness, Kali Natha Yoga is deeply spiritual in nature, designed to enable the practitioner to experience a state of union and lasting happiness.


Kali Natha Yoga takes its name from Mother Kali, the all-embracing Mother who takes the pain and suffering of her children, and the Nathas who are ancient yogis from the lineage of Lord Shiva.

Mother Kali ignites the fire of spirituality and passion for life inside the yogi.  The Divine feminine principle of Shakti is awoken. The balancing of the masculine and feminine aspects makes this yoga transformative.

Although Ma Jaya  taught yoga to her students since ‘the early days’ in her back yard in Brooklyn, it wasn’t until 2006 that Ma began introducing Kali Natha Yoga asana flow series.

These usually focus on a specific deity or spiritual quality or aspect, for example, The Ganapati Asana (Ganesh), Dance of the Five Pranas, Serpent Power Kundalini Rising Asana. There are 74 of these asana series varying in length from 15 to 45 minutes.


Yoga Acharya Shakti Durgaya KaliKali Natha Yoga is a root yoga, complete in itself, and can be used as the basis for all other yoga practices. It utilizes many of the yogic tools including mantra, mudra and pranayam and can change the breath and the quality of blood. It changes air to prana and prana to pure shakti. Every chakra is opened and stretched. The essence of Kali Natha Yoga interweaves together the mind, body and soul.

Kali Natha Yoga is truly a yoga of “intent”. Intent can be translated as the desire to go deeper into one’s practice and the passion with which one lives his or her life.

This yoga is extremely accessible and can be practiced by anyone, at any age and in any physical condition. It is a practice of going beyond one’s limitations in every area of life.

Kali Natha Yoga expands the capabilities of the body on the physical level and can take us beyond our mental, emotional and spiritual limits.

For those who wish to go deeper into their yoga practice,
Kashi School of Yoga offers 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings in Kali Natha Yoga.