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Ma Jaya teaches from profound inner realization. Ma Jaya's style is very direct and carried by a great love for her students that helps them to untie the knots of the heart and overcome the obstacles of the mind.

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Class Descriptions

At the Kashi School of Yoga we offer many programs and classes focusing on spirituality and health. Programs and classes include Kali Natha Yoga, meditation, breathing and martial arts.

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You may also attend satsang meditation on Saturdays at 6.30 pm. Satsang, meaning a gathering of like-minded spiritual seekers, includes meditation, kirtan (chanting) and discourse.

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Kashi School of Yoga Class Descriptions

Kali Natha Yoga- taught by various teachers Kali Natha Yogaconsists of unique flow series given to us by Ma Jaya, that includes classical asanas, pranayama, mudras, mantras and meditations. This system of yoga can be used to strengthen, to calm and to go to a deeper spiritual place. It is a profound transformative tool and a moving prayer. Kali Natha Yoga can be practiced by anyone at any age and in any physical condition. There are no levels – classes are open to everyone.Classes are Monday 6 pm, Tuesday 6 pm, Wednesday 6 pm, Saturday 9 am
Meditation - with Swami Bhagavati Das Meditation is a tool that helps you to calm the breath and still the mind. Meditation can help you to relieve stress and tension in your life, as you learn how to regulate the breath. It balances the nervous system and offers tremendous physical benefits. You will learn specific techniques and use them in your daily life. These classes are open to everyone.Class is Monday 7.30 pm.

Trim and Tone - with Ganga Mayee

Class is Wednesday, 5 pm.
Gentle Yoga- with Ganga Mayee This class uses gentle and simple stretches, postures, movements, breathing and meditation and is geared for beginners, people with health challenges, injuries and for seniors.Class is Monday, 10 am
Breath Class-with Babaji Learn how to connect with your breath and use the breath to deepen your life. As you learn to control the breath, you will better control the rhythms and patterns in your exercise program and in your daily life.Class is Sunday, 10.30 am
Hatha Yoga - with Becky Yoga Ma This is an All-Levels Class and a great place to begin or maintain a basic & effective yoga practice. Appropriate for those looking for a good stretch while relaxing the body & mind. Learn, refine & solidify your practice of asanas (postures),  breathing & relaxation techniques.Class is Sunday, 9 am