2019 Permaculture Design Course Graduates

Congratulations to our 2019 Permaculture Design Course graduates! 
These 7 certificate holders completed the 72-hour course over the course of 5 weekends throughout 3 months.

2019 Sustainable Kashi Permaculture Design Course

During the weekends, we experienced a great balance between classroom material (books, powerpoint presentations, lectures, etc.) and demonstrative (hands-on, getting outside, observing already-in-place gardens, having deep discussions, etc).

Sustainable Kashi Permaculture Design Course

We swam and kayaked in the river and experienced how our zone 5, or wild ecosystem, is a great place to observe and learn from nature, dove into the knowledge of plants, financial and social permaculture, the understanding of energy, food, and water, (students came back after the first weekend sharing all the ways they’ve already begun to implement changes into their lives such as reduction of water and energy usage, food waste, and more), worked on many design projects big and small, and got to eat incredible gourmet vegetarian meals.

Sustainable Kashi Permaculture Design Course

We connected with the spiritual through fire puja ceremonies, discussions with Swamis, and learned how our inner world reflects our outer world with Kashi Ashram.

The aspect that we got the most feedback on was that during the PDC, we built community, friendships, and network connections to other permaculturists in our area and worldwide. 

Sustainable Kashi Permaculture Design Course

Some other feedback we received was that the education style was very real and relatable, taught in a way that people can really take the information and knowledge into their lives, create change, and be the people they envision themselves being. The students left as colleagues, feeling empowered to design their lives and bring change and regenerative solutions to their homes and communities.

Sustainable Kashi Permaculture Design Course

The permaculture philosophy teaches the harmonious relationship between people and the earth, advocating a healthy future for both. Participating in a permaculture design course in your area is important for learning how to put the earth first (Earth care, people care, fair share), building community, connections, networks, and learning with other local people, learning about your local environment and zoning, and so much more.

Have you considered participating in a Permaculture Design Course?

Linked HERE is our 2020 PDC. We cap the class size at 12, so sign up soon!