Compost Cultivation

Welcome to Sustainable Kashi's compost area! In this video, we go through our composting process in under 1 minute. 

Composting is defined by “turning decaying organic material into plant fertilizer and soil amendment.” It is the act of creating soil, which is very important for our sandy Florida soils, improving water and nutrient retention. 

The most important foundation of our garden is the health of our soil. If we are able to cultivate healthy soil, we are able to cultivate healthy plants- creating a thriving ecosystem that we get to be an integral part of. 

The concept of turning our “waste” into nutrient-rich soil is incredible.
Releasing what no longer serves us into the compost pile and transforming it into nutrient-dense soil, where we will plant the seeds of our future for an abundant harvest. 

What are your best composting tips? Please comment below if you have any questions!