Closing the Hanuman Garden for the Season

Welcome to the Hanuman garden!

Each season, this biointensive garden produces thousands of pounds of organic food that we harvest primarily for our market and all our work-exchange volunteers (roughly 32 people per year).

It’s designed after the John Jeavons method, focusing on growing the most possible on a small space of land, all the while increasing biodiversity (variety of life) and soil fertility. The goal of the method is long term sustainability on a closed system basis.

When the Florida summer starts taking over (weeds growing faster than we can pull, bugs and heat making it hard for plants to live) we close the Sustainable Kashi program for the season and cover everything with mulch.

Mulch helps to keep down the weeds, hold moisture in the garden, protect the microorganisms (beneficial bugs), keep the organic matter in the soil from eroding (preserve soil quality), and looks nice. :)

Into the mulch, we then plant summer-loving crops such as sweet potato, Seminole pumpkin, okra, and cassava (also known as yucca or tapioca), that we’ll harvest in the fall when we open our Sustainable Kashi program again.

A huge thank you to our volunteers, for all their hard work this season!

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