Make Your Own Microgreens

At Kashi, we have a miniature greenhouse for growing Microgreens. Microgreens are the sprouts of plants like beets, peas, and sunflowers. They contain eight times the amount of nutrients that adult plants do.

We grow them in flats that are irrigated by a hydroponic system. The flats are filled three-quarters of the way with soil and then covered with 1 ounce of seeds per tray. The seeds are covered with a thin layer of soil, gently patted in, and covered under a shaded area for 2 days or until they sprout.

Once the seeds sprout, they are placed in the automatic watering table/ hydroponic system where they will grow until they are ready for harvest. Here they get one minute of fresh water every day. This waters the roots without getting the leaves wet, helps to reduce issues with mold and whitefly, and produces a high-nutrient crop in only 8 days! The sprouts are harvested with a pair of scissors and are stored in refrigeration until consumption.

Microgreens are a quick, delicious, and nutritious crop, and are a great way to use seeds that are left over from planting.

Start growing your own today!

- Nate Palmer Eco-Volunteer Jan-Feb 2019