Today, we're going to learn how to expand your garden by using established plants and plant propagation methods to create lots of young cuttings and new plants that you can plant throughout your garden and your yard to create abundance.

Start by making or buying potting soil and fill your container.

At Sustainable Kashi, using a generic shovel as a measurement, we make soil with 4 shovels of soil (ours is made using the end result of our food-scrap compost,) 1 shovel of perlite and ½ a shovel of vermiculite.

Cut leaves off of plant stems. There is enough energy stored in the stem to grow roots or leaves, but not both at first. Removing the leaves allows the plant to focus on growing strong, healthy roots.

Cut stems into pieces with at least four “nodes” on each. A node is the part of the stem from which the leaves emerged.

Place stem right-side-up in your containers. You can tell which way is up by checking the direction the nodes are facing more toward.

Water them in with love. You’ve heard that saying nice things to a plant helps it grow healthy and strong, right?

In the video, you can already see new leaf growth 3 weeks after we propagated the Okinawan Spinach plants. They’re ready to be planted, creating more abundance, continuing the cycle of life.

Happy Gardening!