Eco-Volunteer Reviews

We are so grateful for our volunteers! Below are all of the reviews from our WWOOF page. We’ve only ever gotten 5-star reviews - that’s something worth sharing!

Sustainable Kashi Volunteers

About the Program

Here at Sustainable Kashi, we are at the intersection of Permaculture and Spirituality. Together, we are working to live responsibly, give back to the earth, and reduce our reliance on unsustainable energy, while using every resource with mindfulness. All things working together is an essential part of life here at Kashi, just as each spoke reinforces a wheel.

In the eco-volunteer program, you can experience:

  • Living in your tent in the off-grid eco-village, surrounded by the native Florida environment, learning about community first-hand, living and working alongside 3-4 other volunteers, making communal meals in the outdoor kitchen, singing and sharing around the fire at night, and waking up to the beautiful songs from the birds. Harvesting and eating fresh fruits & veggies from the vibrant organic gardens.

  • Enjoying the permaculture demonstration sites that provide us with hands-on knowledge of ways we can apply permaculture principles to our environment. You will be able to learn about organic gardening techniques, composting and mulching, plant propagation, permaculture design, ethics, and principles, and sustainable living. Each week we partake in a free Permaculture class that’s open to the community, providing time to dive into each specific permaculture principle and the way it applies to the lesson of the day, as well as cultivating community! There are other classes offered to the eco-volunteers that can range from apothecary to zero-waste lifestyle. It’s a great opportunity to gain more knowledge on topics that you may develop a passion for.

  • Kashi Ashram, which is a profoundly peaceful and serene space. The availability to connect to yourself, bring peace and balance into your life through connecting to the different parts of the property, attending the yoga, kirtans, and satsangs exploring different topics. Connecting to spirituality while in the program truly enhances your overall experience.

Sustainable Kashi Volunteers

How to apply for the next season:

We are looking for energetic people who love to be outside, want to learn about living in community, interested in permaculture and sustainability and who can respect the culture of our small community.

We have openings during the months of October-May to stay in our off-grid eco-village camp for a 3 week work trade. They go quickly, so sign up in advance!

Email (no need to join WWOOF), and we will send you the application form.

Sustainable Kashi Market

Darian Butler ★★★★★

"Kashi is truly incredible. I learned so much about community, permaculture, off-grid living, authentic lifestyle habits, yoga, meditation and ceremony. The people are amazing, the temples are breathtaking, and the food is exceptional! Terry is an amazing teacher, work-trading here is a potent opportunity for growth. I brought with me my 1 year old daughter, who was continuously received with so much kindness! She loved it, I'm so grateful we had the chance to experience and explore these sacred grounds. So much love for this beautiful eco-village!"
May 2019

Abie Beyda ★★★★★

"Great place made so many friends and had fun doing many varied jobs.terry thought out jobs just for us he even asked us what we wanted to learn and do. We also had many conversations about permaculture and other important topics.He brought the best out of everyone and was fun to be around. The food was great and plentiful too"
March 2019

Nate Palmer ★★★★★

"They take very good care of you at sustainable Kashi. The people are friendly and the food is very good. I expierienced a lot healing and growing at this place. Terry is an amazing teacher with lots of wisdom. I recommend this place to everyone."
February 2019

Ben Schnier ★★★★★

"Sustainable Kashi! I learned so much, and had the most amazing time. Terry is an amazing, knowledgable human being, who is also extremely kind and funny. In your 3 weeks here, you will get to see sustainability in action, within a community setting! Terry's extremely knowledgable about plants, agriculture, is a great teacher, and an amazing person. It was really great to have the hands on work around the entire property. We live in tents, and the 4ish woofers all hangout in the eco-village together! We have fires, play music, play games, and have a really happy time. Everyone was really nice, kind, fun, and funny, and we all had a ball together! It was really just a happy couple of weeks, and I left knowing a lot more about gardening / farming, I left with more ideas (and questions) about how to bring aspects of sustainable kashi into the real world, and I left feeling like a happier, more loved human being. Thank you so much Terry for my time here! To sum it up, GO TO SUSTAINABLE KASHI! You'll have the best time and learn so much. If you go, put your heart into being there :)"
January 2019

Maevis ★★★★★

"Kashi is a great place to learn about nature, spirituality, and yourself. theres a special feeling when you're on the ashram, it just feels like a place of peace and love. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. The residents we're happy to chat about anything. The community living aspect was super cool to experience, it passed on the energy of wanting to help others and volunteer. Also swami makes fantastic food, you'll be well nourished in every way if you stay at Kashi"
September 2018

RJWillieClark ★★★★★

"Kashi was my first wwoofing experience, Terry was my first permaculture mentor, and my experience here has totally changed my life. Terry is so full of love and compassion, as well as knowledge about the world we live in. He is somebody I aspire to be more like all the time. The land is gorgeous, a fairytale version of the landscape I'd grown used to over my rearing. The food here is so densely nutritious, and delicious is an insult. The community surrounding Kashi is astounding. Over the few years I've been around I've met so many great people, and my best friend in the world! Truly a stopping place for those wishing to cleanse their soul and fill their hearts and minds. I can't thank Terry, and Rebecca enough for the changes they've made in my life and all those around me."
June 2018

Emily Anderson ★★★★★

"I wish that I had 5 more stars that I could give this place! By far, the best place that I've WWOOFed at yet. Terry and Rebecca are amazing teachers who will work right along with you. Over my three week stay I learned a lot about composting, mulching, planting trees, and much, much more. Beyond permaculture, I learned a lot about spirituality, what it means to be a part of a community, and myself. The ashram is beautiful and every person is friendly and warm. Camping in the eco-village made me feel incredibly connected to nature and I loved waking up to the sound of the birds every morning. Although I was only there for three weeks, I felt very connected to the people around me. I can honestly say that being there changed me for the better. If you are interested in community, permaculture, and off-grid living, then I cannot recommend this place highly enough!"
May 2018

Chris Shields ★★★★★

"Sustainable Kashi I a great place to learn about permacluture, connect with nature and wonderful people, get free yoga classes learn about yoga, grow spiritually, and eat goremay vegetarian food, Kashi is a wonderful place and truly helped me get in tune with my self I am very greatful for my experiences here !"
April 2018

Daniella Shu ★★★★★

"My partner and I wooffed here for two weeks and had a meaningful experience. Kashi is a calm, quiet and respectful place (with amazing vegetarian organic food). We got to enjoy both nature and the community itself. We learned a lot about permaculture have experienced working with plants, flowers, vegetables and with everything else involved (weeding, mulching, composting etc.). Living in the eco-village was a great adventure and we enjoyed cooking, talking and sitting around the bonfire with friends we met there. Be prepared for a real off-grid camp and just have fun! Kashi was definitely one of the best wooffing places we visited- our whole conception of farming has changed and developed there. Thanks a lot! Daniella and Sarai"
February 2018

Stacy K ★★★★★

"This is such a magical place, filled with amazing and truly exceptional people! They welcomed me with open arms and hearts. I learned so much here about sustainability, permaculture, spirituality, and myself, all the things that are most important in life. Thank you to this special place and all the wonderful people in it!"
February 2018

Macaking ★★★★★

"Where to begin.... from the beautiful river, to the temples. Sustainable Kashi is a wonderful place. Everyone is so welcoming and full of love. During my time, I got to experience amazing Swami food and my first ever Farmers Market. If you’re looking for campfires under the stars, with a range of people from across the globe, this place is definitely for you. I will miss it very much and may come back for a visit. The people here are just that wonderful. Much love to all of the staff and residents. Thank you all so much for welcoming me with open hearts. Bless you all. Namaste."
February 2018

Carper Bl ★★★★★

"What a loving and welcoming community is Kashi! My time there was life changing. I learned so much about growing food in the subtropics and permaculture practices. The grounds are magical and the EcoVillage living accommodations are great. There were many sweet camp fires with live music and delicious meals, conversations under the stars, beach trips, and diverse spiritual events. I feel so grateful for the experience, the meaningful relationships with people and plants that were made and nurtured, and the insight into the spiritual community."
January 2018

Amy Green ★★★★★

"I stayed for 3 weeks and could not have asked for a more peaceful and well intentioned place to start wwoofing. I'm grateful for the opportunities to learn and connect with nature, the loving community here, my yoga practice, and the whole permaculture team. Terry is an incredible teacher that guides with patience, humor, and an openness to share his knowledge and passions. I will definitely miss Kashi's magical food, nature, sunsets, and community. Thank you Terry Hanuman for everything!"
March 2017

Audrey Rathey ★★★★★

"Sustainable Kashi was the experience I've been excitedly waiting for!! I have never been in a more joyful, positive, and peaceful environment, and it was so contagious! :D You can't help but be a happier person after wwoofing here. Terry is an awesome person who thought me so much about gardening, permaculture, living a life that makes you happy, and much more. I would recommend wwoofing at this special place to anyone. Thank you again for the life changing 3 weeks that you, Terry and everyone else at Kashi made so"
March 2017

David Woodward ★★★★★

"***** (Five extra stars!) I came to get away from northern winters and learn yoga. I found a community which taught me that just having land and food will not be enough unless I have someone to share it with. Come to Kashi for: great healthy vegetarian meals, prepared by a chef with decades of experience; access to hundreds of total years of yoga and meditation knowledge from many great instructors; beautiful spiritual ceremonies morning and evening, which you are welcome but not pressured to attend; and for a feeling of inclusion in a community that has a shrine for nearly every creed. Most importantly for WWOOFers, you get to learn from Terry Hanuman, a man who's been talking to the plants his whole life. I learned more from Terry in a month than I had in 29 years. If you're noticing a trend here, it is that a lot of people with decades of experience in many areas have come to Kashi and stayed to teach others about the things they love. That makes it ideal for a WWOOFer. I wish I could be back at Kashi now, and I will return. Namaste!"
February 2017

Palarmac61 ★★★★★

"Sustainable Kashi is a great place! The people are amazing, not to mention the permacultre program. I stayed one week and was welcomed so humbly by everyone. The work is great and diverse, there is a nice break for lunch. The land is incredible and Terry is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot here. Thank you! I'd love to come back :)"
January 2017

Adonas1107 ★★★★★

"It was awesome, I loved it, had a ton of fun with people camping there. I love the fact they allow you to work together and in teams on different projects so that you have time to get to know and bond with them. Terry is awesome, he has a ton of knowledge. Great opportunity to learn hands on. building campfires, learning plants, and planting them, always a new and interesting projects going on. Terry also give you enough space to learn on your own and really get a feel for the work that's happening. great weather, and enough space to think and meditate. there is internet, there is activities going on in the community for holidays, and yoga, and social gathering with plenty of people to meet if your into that. I like to connect with a select few and had a good amount of time to do that, you can breakaway without people stressing you for it, stayed for three week, and learned a ton, from the campers and Terry. I recommend going its dope"
January 2017

Bekalynne ★★★★★

"My friend and I just spent the last two weeks here, and it was our very first WWOOFing location. Our experience here was one of warmth and inclusion, which was especially welcomed due to the fact that it was over the Christmas and New Years holiday. The activities and community inclusion allowed us gain insight into understand how an intentional community functions. We both grew with our knowledge of permaculture, our spiritual selves and improved our skills for co-existing. In our down time we kayaked, visited the beach, practiced yoga and made meals together. We also got the opportunity to meet an array of wonderful people who live here at Kashi, each with different stories of their own. We really enjoyed the connections we made here. Each experience is what you make of it, and with that we would recommend coming to Kashi with an open heart. We would recommend Sustainable Kashi to any inquiring WWOOFer who is looking to explore what community means and how you can participate within one. Thank you Terry Hanuman for a truly original and enjoyable permaculture experience. We look forward to visiting again. Sincerely, your Canadian WWOOFers, Rebekah and Brooke :)"
January 2017

starfish ★★★★★

"Kashi was my first wwoofing experience and it was an excellent learning experience! I learned how to plant fruit trees and I learned about a lot of new plants. In addition, I got to practice Kali Natha Yoga everyday and eat a lot of good organic food. The ladies in my house were like mothers and good friends to me. And I made a great friend from another house too and a great friend that moved out when I arrived, The chef is amazing in his cooking skills and runs the kitchen so smoothly and is so kind. I loved the music and all of the temples and the pond and forest are serene and enchanting. I would highly recommend it to anyone!"
July 2015

sunculture30 ★★★★★

"This was my first WWoofing experience and I absolutely loved it! The people in the Kashi community are welcoming, genuine and open to new ideas. The property is beautiful and has tons of potential for sustainable farming. The work load was light because projects were just getting started but, as the food production grows so will the amount of work and also learning opportunities."
November 2014