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Inner Landscape Retreat

  • Sustainable Kashi (map)

Join us for this 3-day journey into yourself and back out into the
world around you. We will shed light and build the bridge between ecology and
spirituality using yoga and permaculture principle and practices. We
will first tend to the soil of your heart then explore how to enrich the
soil of your garden.  The spiritual part of this class will focus on relaxation and inner
landscape principles to plant the seeds of love and compassion within. 
We will focus on soft belly meditations, yoga, and separation from our
ego and reputation.  

The Permaculture design part of this class will include ethics, 
principles and design processes based on living systems in nature. 
We will focus on social permaculture tools to develop community
wealth and how to design a thriving eco-system.  This course will provide you with methods, theories and strategies to  create abundance in your life and have a positive impact on your
environment all while relaxing and rejuvenating on an amazing 80-acre ashram. 

Gourmet vegetarian meals and camping in our off grid Eco-village is included. Please contact the Kashi office if you want to upgrade to a semi-private or private room at (772) 589-1403

Course Topics: 
Permaculture ethics
Basic Design principles
Inner landscapes
Zones and sectors
Design process overview, mini design exercise
Forest gardens and polycultures
Soil Building and Composting
How you can use permaculture and inner peace practically in your life to create abundance.

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