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Integral Yoga with Sri Raam

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Sri Raam's classes include asanas (postures), a deep, guided relaxation, pranayama (breathing practices to calm and steady the mind) and meditation.  His detailed instruction facilitates his students learning:

  • A fundamental approach to practicing hatha yoga that will promote flexibility, strength, and stamina while detoxifying the body revealing more of your natural state of ease, balance, and serenity;

  • How to “play the edge” by being aware of and attentive to the experience where discomfort or tension begins and learning how to breathe through it thereby transforming tension into acceptance and peace;

  • How to systematically train yourself to relax deeply and completely. It is said that 10 minutes of deep relaxation is the equivalent of 2 hours of sleep;

  • Several breathing practices that will empower you to choose to whether to energize your system and bring more vitality or calm yourself down and begin to release any of the mental or emotional issues where you feel trapped or stuck;

  • Simple and highly effective meditation techniques that will help you discover and restore an inner state of equanimity and peace.

Mel Auston has been a teacher of Integral Yoga and meditation for over 40 years and has taught both in the US and abroad.  He was the founder and director of the Sunshine Yoga Center in Miami, Florida in 1974, and is certified in teaching Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Integral Yoga and offers a spiritual yet practical approach to practice, self-development and transformation

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