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Group Acupuncture and Sound Healing with Dr. Heather Hickson

Join us for NSEV Shared Group Acupuncture with Sound Healing and Herbal Aromatherapy Oils!

Dr. Heather Hickson will guide you into a deep meditation with drumming and then apply four needles on the limbs only. As you lay comfortably on yoga mats she will play the sounds of the crystal bowls with other musical chimes while gently misting the room with healing oils.

Sound travels four times faster through water than it travels through air. Since the body is made up of 80% water, it is a perfect receptor for sound. So when you beat a drum or you introduce a sound wave of a crystal bowl, it will travel through the needles, vessels, the water, blood and body’s energy system to exactly where it is needed most. What will you receive from this modality of healing?

  • Removes blockages

  • Relieves stress

  • Calms the mind, body, spirit

  • Opens the eyes to see within yourself Boosts the immune system

Clears the past and future allowing you to be more present Workshop

$35. Reserve your spot here.

You will be asked to sign additional acupuncture waiver. Class safe for all ages

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