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Heart Mandala Retreat

We will spend the weekend exploring the land and building a mandala out of natural materials gathered from nature. We will create a space for healing in the form of a mandala on the sacred grounds of Kashi Ashram. 

Join Erica Klopf and Terry Meer for a special retreat weekend building a mandala out of plants gathered at Kashi Ashram. Food use, medicine, indigenous symbolism, and other meanings behind the plants collected will be researched and offered by Erica, and we will be nurtured with sacred ceremony as we explore the inner landscape facilitated by Terry. The messages held in the plants will be uncovered and applied to the layers that we unveil in our own lives as we build a living prayer of healing and understanding for future generations.

Every plant has a message, whether it is for food, medicine, shelter, or spirit. As we navigate this world we are taught these lessons from the plants that we meet. Allow yourself to take a weekend to collect some messages that have gone unnoticed and build a mandala with care and intention. As we relate to these messages through discussion, we will uncover layers in our own lives that need attention and offer healing.

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8am-10am Arrival and Registration. Optional camping set up
10am-12pm Sacred plant walk
12pm-1pm lunch
1pm-3pm inner landscape discussion
3pm-4pm break/reflection work
4pm-6pm begin harvest
8:00 pm Fireside talent show

7:00-7:30 Silent Meditation in Temple
8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9am-10am Open Heart Activity
10am Building the mandala
12pm-1pm Lunch
4:00pm Closing Circle

Healthy organic meals will be included that will be prepared for us with produce grown on site by our amazing chef Rudra Das.

We will be donating the profits from this class to provide scholarships to the 2018 Florida Permaculture Convergence.

Camping is included for this event. An indoor room can be accommodated for an additional fee.