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Bioregional Herbalism Workshop

Bioregional Awareness of the Interconnection of Butterflies, Pollinators and Plants with Devi Pagan

  • Topics Covered:

  • Bioregional wild crafting

  • Developing a Relationship with the Land

  • Ethical Wildcraft

  • The Interconnection of Plants and Pollinators

  • Butterflies and Their Companion Plants

  • Bees

  • How to Nourish and Support the Plants and Pollinators to Ensure a Healthy and Abundant Future

Short Description:
This class will explore Bioregional herbal medicine and the importance of pollinator awareness.
Included is a slideshow presentation of local medicinal plants and their pollinating companions.
We will look at how to wildcraft responsibly ensuring that no harm is done to either of these
precious communities. How to spot butterfly eggs and larva and how to ensure a healthy future
through environmental nourishment and restoration.

About presenter:
Devi Pagan is an herbalist and holistic consultant with over 20 years of experience. Director of the
Center for Botanical Arts, a center that offers education on plants and people and organizes various
restoration activities for urban and wild environments. She travels and teaches internationally and is
fluent in wild native plant medicine and edibles. Devi is an avid environmentalist with a certification in
Permaculture Design. She is the producer and coordinator of The Global Rewilding Initiative and
Mother Nature School. In her free time she loves to plant bee and butterfly gardens.

Register here. $10

Later Event: January 30
Free Weekly Permaculture Class