Kashi Ashram Fire Pujas

Join us for the experience of a fire puja, or hawan, an ancient Hindu ceremony used for purification and getting rid of what we do not want. We visualize what we want to set free and throw it into the flames.

At Kashi we have fire pujas throughout the year, often as a celebration of a holy person’s birthday or to honor a particular god or goddess (see schedule below). The ceremonies are full of rich symbology, color and sound.


Puja Sponsorship

Sponsoring a puja is an auspicious way to support the intention of the ceremony. Sometimes done in memory of someone, or as a boon or gift to oneself or a loved one, it is a way of dedicating prayers.

There are three levels of sponsorship:

  • Bhakti level - $108

    • You will be honored at the Puja Welcome.

  • Shanti level - $500

    • A gift of a 3-bead rudraksha necklace will be presented at the Puja Ceremony and you will be honored at the Puja Welcome and at the Prasad Venue.

  • Ganesh level - $1,008

    • The opportunity to offer your personal prayers during the Puja by placing ceremonial seed into the fire. A gift of a 3-bead rudraksha necklace will be presented at the Puja Ceremony. You will be honored at the Puja Welcome, in the Puja Program, and at the Prasad Venue. You will receive a photo keepsake.


General Puja Schedule by month*

* Note: many of our pujas are scheduled according to the Hindu calendar which is based on the cycles of the moon. For programming reasons, our pujas are then scheduled on the closest Saturday to that date.


shiva ratri (february/MARCH)

This puja is held close to the new moon in February or March. On this night we celebrate the night of Lord Shiva, the great yogi who grants love and protection to all. This night is considered to be one of the holiest nights of the year.

February 22, 2020


swami bhagawan nityananda's birthday (march)

On this night we celebrate the birth of Ma's teacher, the great Indian saint, Swami Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. His message of love and heartfelt clarity are available to all of us. This evening is held at the temple built in his honor. This is not a fire puja per se.

March 21, 2020

2017-April-08 ND5_3912 untitled shoot-Edit.jpg

hanuman jayanti (april)

This puja celebrates the birthday of Lord Hanuman, the God of humility and service, also known as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanuman brings joy and happiness into the hearts of humanity. This puja is held at the Hanuman Temple.

April 4, 2020


Ma Jaya's Mahasamadhi (weekend closest to April 13)

Ma Jaya's life of service, diversity and unconditional love is remembered all weekend long. Ma taught us the beauty and depth of fire pujas. All who attend feel her essence as we pilgrimage to Kashi for this auspicious event.

April 11, 2020


Ma Jaya's Birthday (weekend closest to May 26)

This night is filled with the magic of the Mother. As the evening falls, the dhuni fire sparks the flame of love in our hearts. At this time we honor Ma's birth and celebrate with deep gratitude all that we have been given.

May 23, 2020


guru purnima (Saturday closest to full moon in July)

At this puja we honor the Guru who holds the most essential place in the heart of the devotee. During this ceremony puja is done to the feet of the Guru, in keeping with the ancient Hindu tradition. This is a day of gratitude and respect. Everyone who attends has the opportunity to pay their respects to the Guru's feet. 

July 4, 2020


Krishna's Birthday

Lord Krishna is the embodiment of Love. He awakens the hearts of his devotees with the sound of his flute. This day is a tribute to the blissful blue God. This is not a fire puja per se.


Neem Karoli Baba's Mahasamadhi (saturday closest to sept 11)

Also known as Maharaji or Baba, on this day he is honored for his life and teachings of love and service. "Feed Everyone" are the words he used to express his desires to serve humanity. Neem Karoli Baba is the Sat Guru of Kashi Ashram (Ma Jaya's Guru). 

September 7, 2019


durga puja (late september/early october)

This is the annual celebration of the ten days of the Mother, specifically Kali, Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga. This time of Durga Puja is a deepening of one's path to the heart. On the tenth day, Mother Durga is placed into the holy waters of the Ganga with much ceremony. She dissolves into the Ganga and takes all that we do not need. 

Sept 25-October 5, 2019

Diwali 3.jpg

diwali (november)

The festival of lights. This joyous holiday signifies the victory of our inner light. We open our lives to Mother Laxmi and create new beginnings for the coming year. This is not a fire puja, per se. The day is celebrated with dancing and fireworks.

October 26, 2019


New Year's Eve

We bring in the New Year with a fire puja offering to the flames our prayers and wishes for the incoming year. This is held at 6.30 pm rather than at midnight!

December 31