Grow Kashi Capital Campaign

The Grow Kashi Campaign is intended to strengthen and communicate Kashi’s message of radical acceptance and the sacred nature of all spiritual paths, in an effort to serve, inspire and educate people from around the world. The community, infrastructure, and enterprise-building initiatives proposed by Grow Kashi are broad and sweeping in their scope and impact, and are supported by both long-time community members and the increasing number of “next-generation members” who have returned to the fold.

Shirdi Eco-Village

Our vision is to develop the Shirdi Guest House area into a full-fledged Eco Village and Guest Campus. To do so, we have developed a conceptual master plan that integrates Sustainable Kashi, the Eco Project, and the Shirdi Guest House into a cohesive campus. This initiative respects residents and welcomes guests to a restorative retreat center with a thriving eco-village campus, offering connectivity to nature and the community as a whole.


Eco-village development

  • Enhance food forests and grow local, organic produce for Kashi Community and the community at large
  • Preserve the native wildlife, long-lasting wetlands and natural habitat

  • Create spaces in which native Florida can be experienced and appreciated

  • Ensure the wellbeing of all residents of Kashi including our aging population and children, and

  • Expand the variety of guest accommodations and improve the current studio spaces for retreats.


Kashi Sacred Retreats

  • Create more opportunities for people to visit and experience Kashi for short and long term stays with various options for accommodations

  • Kashi Sacred Retreats are individually designed short or long term retreats for anyone wishing to visit Kashi's sacred grounds

  • Create a space for healing and rejuvenation

  • Offer a variety of well-priced accommodations ranging from a more comfortable stay to a camping experience or international work exchange

  • Offer a full retreat experience with a list of healing and wellness services, nature tours, and service opportunities designed to bring inner harmony and adventure to the Kashi experience.


Studio SPACE

  • Integral components of this transformation include: the expansion of the Shirdi Guest Campus to host more retreats and the improvement of current studio spaces.

  • Improve spaces for yoga, spiritual practice and retreats

  • Make Kashi a retreat destination for yoga teachers, innovators, thought leaders and healers from around the world.