“Your beloved dwells
on the altar of your heart.”
— Ma Jaya

Ma Jaya’s spiritual awakening started with Christ’s appearance to her in her house in Brooklyn. His words to teach all ways are the inspiration for Kashi to embrace all religions and spiritual paths, and welcome people from every walk of life to share and find refuge in the love and devotion that have infused the 80-acre property since 1976. 

Anyone from any religion, or no religion, is welcome to participate and find the depth in his or her individual spiritual path. If anything, the ‘religion’ of Kashi is one of kindness. Kashi is committed to inter-religious and interfaith dialogue, envisioning a world in which all are treated with kindness, dignity and respect.



As a diverse community of spiritual seekers dedicated to deepening our own spiritual journeys, we welcome you to bring your own faith. It is through sharing that we can continue to learn from one another's traditions, deepen understanding, and build community. 

Everyone is invited to join us for our Interfaith Saturdays. These include a tour of the temples, a free yoga class, vegetarian dinner and evening satsang meditation.  

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Guru Lineage

In the Eastern traditions, spiritual teachings are handed down from Guru to student in a form of transmission – often orally or physically.

Kashi was founded by spiritual teacher Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, who is considered 'Guru' to many of her students. Ma Jaya shared the teachings of her own guru, Neem Karoli Baba, throughout the decades of her ministry. At Kashi, we honor the lineage of all the teachers whose wisdom continues to inspire us.  

In 1996 Ma established the Saraswati lineage of sannyasin who are charged with preserving these teachings and providing spiritual guidance. Also since Ma's passing a number of the long time residents of Kashi Florida and Atlanta have been recognized as Kashi Monks.

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Temples and Shrines

At the heart of Kashi lies the Sacred Ganga pond. Around the Ganga one can visit temples to many of the world's religions, as well as shrines honoring spiritual masters whose teachings are woven into the fabric of Kashi.

Come for a tour on Saturday, 3 pm. At other times there is a self-guided Interfaith Peace Walk tour of the temples. Download the PDF or pick up a Peace Walk brochure at the office.