Video with SK founders, 2012

This is from the very early days of Sustainable Kashi with founders Soo Se & Kwang Mae filmed in 2012. Currently we don't have any animals on site!

Note from videographer, Janice 'Ganga' Engel:

"I filmed Sustainable Kashi, a visionary group that lives in community in Sebastian, Florida on the Sebastian River. They are creating a sustainable environment for the future of their community w chickens, goats, bees, raised garden beds, etc.

Kashi Ashram is made up of all ages and faiths and has been around for over 35 years. in 2012 the community lost their beloved spiritual Guru, AIDS activist and world humanitarian, MA JAYA Sati Bhagavat (Soo Se and Kwang Mae's mother).

This mini clip honors MA and all that she stood for, loved and wants for the future generations and the world. Sustainable living in community is the way of the future and how we can survive as fellow humans with love and respect for all faiths, beliefs and choices."