Sustainable Kashi Wwoofer reviews

Over the 5 years that Sustainable Kashi has being offering Wwoofing (World Wide Opportunties for Organic Farming) opportunities, many people have passed through from all different countries and backgrounds. Here is some of their feedback about their experiences. Thank you Terry Hanuman for managing this wonderful program!

Emily and Oliver:
"I wish that I had 5 more stars that I could give this place! By far, the best place that I've WWOOFed at yet. Terry and Rebecca are amazing teachers who will work right along with you. Over my three week stay I learned a lot about composting, mulching, planting trees, and much, much more. Beyond permaculture, I learned a lot about spirituality, what it means to be a part of a community, and myself. The ashram is beautiful and every person is friendly and warm. Camping in the eco-village made me feel incredibly connected to nature and I loved waking up to the sound of the birds every morning. Although I was only there for three weeks, I felt very connected to the people around me. I can honestly say that being there changed me for the better. If you are interested in community, permaculture, and off-grid living, then I cannot recommend this place highly enough!"

“If you’re looking for campfires under the stars, with a range of people from across the globe, this place is definitely for you”

"Sustainable Kashi is a great place to learn about permacluture, connect with nature and wonderful people, get free yoga classes, learn about yoga, grow spiritually, and eat gourmet vegetarian food. Kashi is a wonderful place and truly helped me get in tune with my self I am very grateful for my experiences here !”

Daniella and Sarai
"My partner and I wooffed here for two weeks and had a meaningful experience. Kashi is a calm, quiet and respectful place (with amazing vegetarian organic food). We got to enjoy both nature and the community itself. We learned a lot about permaculture, have experienced working with plants, flowers, vegetables and with everything else involved (weeding, mulching, composting etc.). Living in the eco-village was a great adventure and we enjoyed cooking, talking and sitting around the bonfire with friends we met there. Be prepared for a real off-grid camp and just have fun! Kashi was definitely one of the best wooffing places we visited- our whole conception of farming has changed and developed there. Thanks a lot!”

"This is such a magical place, filled with amazing and truly exceptional people! They welcomed me with open arms and hearts. I learned so much here about sustainability, permaculture, spirituality, and myself, all the things that are most important in life. Thank you to this special place and all the wonderful people in it!”

"Where to begin.... from the beautiful river, to the temples. Sustainable Kashi is a wonderful place. Everyone is so welcoming and full of love. During my time, I got to experience amazing Swami food and my first ever Farmers Market. If you’re looking for campfires under the stars, with a range of people from across the globe, this place is definitely for you. I will miss it very much and may come back for a visit. The people here are just that wonderful. Much love to all of the staff and residents. Thank you all so much for welcoming me with open hearts. Bless you all. Namaste.”

"Sustainable Kashi was the experience I've been excitedly waiting for!! I have never been in a more joyful, positive, and peaceful environment, and it was so contagious! :D You can't help but be a happier person after wwoofing here. Terry is an awesome person who taught me so much about gardening, permaculture, and living a life that makes you happy, and much more. I would recommend wwoofing at this special place to anyone. Thank you again for the life changing 3 weeks that you, Terry and everyone else at Kashi made so”