No More Pumping!

Septic to Sewer Grant 1 of 2:

From Swami Durga Das:

I am pleased to share great news. Kashi just received an award of $95,861 from the St. Johns River Water Management District. As you know, the conversion for septic to sewer has been a goal of ours for many years.

Part of Kashi's mission is environmental sustainability. Ma encourages us to take care of our Mother Earth and this project is part of those efforts.

Generally, such projects are undertaken by local governments and so Kashi's project is being recognized as a model for private entities to contribute to efforts that improve the health of our local waterways. The problem with Florida waterways is a nationally recognized problem, Kashi is doing its part in the restoration. These projects can be costly, however, and this septic-to-sewer project is no exception. Since we last spoke, the project budget increased in order to include restoration construction.

Therefore, Kashi has sought funding assistance for the project's total cost of $598,172. In a culture of philanthropy, we work synergistically with people and organizations that share our values.

To date Kashi has received considerable support towards this project, including an award of $95,861 from the St. Johns River Water Management District and another $10,600 from the Sebastian Clambake Foundation.

And, on April 10th we submitted an application to the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program for $298,086. We will be considered for this award and notified on May 10th (unfortunately we were not awarded this grant)

Please continue your prayers and intentions behind this project. We have seen support and grant funding success and feel validated that successful completion of this project will set Kashi up nicely for its future endeavors.

Thank you all for your support and effort


Swami Durgadas