Radha Krishna Jaya, 1948-2018

Radha met Ma in 1983. She taught in the River School and was the first person on the ashram to teach the kids about recycling. She loved Ma’s art which she collected so that her home was like a gallery. Radha battled with physical pain in her body for many years. Her story was published in Ma’s book, The 11 Karmic Spaces (page 110). Not surprisingly, Radha loved Krishna! Jai Radha Krishna Jaya!

A poem that Radha wrote about Kashi:

“There is a place, abundant with love, a place called Kashi. It is so hard to say goodbye to all I have known; for it is here at Kashi where my heart will always be. My hearts swells as it lets go into the essence of love with my guru.” Radha