Kashi has touched thousands of people's lives over the past 4 decades. Help us continue to be an oasis for every heart.


General Support

Kashi relies on donations to continue it's mission of 'feeding everyone'. We also rely on volunteers to help with daily activities and events. Thank you for giving your time and/or money to support Kashi remain a shining light in this world!

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Prasad Program

Prasad is food that is cooked with love and awareness. The Prasad Program feeds healthy, nutritious, organic meals to food-insecure individuals and families three nights weekly in a community atmosphere among  people from all walks of life.

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puja sponsorship

"Puja is moving prayer." - Ma Jaya

Kashi hosts 20 pujas, or sacred rituals, throughout the year. The puja sponsorship program provides an opportunity to be personally involved in supporting the puja – whether you are able to attend in person or no



Take a moment to reflect on the impact that Kashi and Ma Jaya have had on your life.  Choosing to leave a Legacy Gift to Kashi is a way to express your gratitude and commitment. 


The grow kashi capital campaign

The Grow Kashi Campaign is a community-wide initiative aimed at making Kashi more effective, prosperous, and sustainable, thereby elevating the mission of Kashi, its members, and the communities and people it impacts.